The Standard Response Protocol

Dive into the essentials of SRP, a straightforward system that prioritizes safety in schools, businesses, and communities. Developed with insights from first responders and communities, SRP offers: Clear, shared language for everyone involved. Five key actions with clear directives for any situation. Benefits for students, teachers, communities, and first responders. Learn the core actions: 'Hold', 'Secure', 'Lockdown', 'Evacuate', and 'Shelter'. By the end, you'll know how to respond quickly and effectively to various incidents. Join us for a practical introduction to a protocol that's all about clear communication and safety.

Refresher/ Responding to an Active Killer Event

Stay updated and sharpen your skills to face life-threatening scenarios. This annual compliance training refresher course revisits the pivotal subject of active killer events, reinforcing your readiness, deepening your understanding, and boosting your confidence in actively countering such threats. Key Lessons Revisited: Understanding Active Killers: Delve deeper into the psyche and tactics of assailants, and revisit strategies to preempt potential incidents. Proactive Planning: Refresh on the importance of being several steps ahead with a solid crisis action plan. Evading/Run: Reiterate the techniques to exit danger zones efficiently and safely. Barricading/Hide: Reassess methods to fortify positions and minimize threats. Guns Demystified: Brush [...]

Conducted Energy Weapons

Jump into the world of electronic self-defense tools with our comprehensive course on Taser Conducted Energy Weapons. Designed for both civilians and security professionals, this course ensures participants are well-informed, confident, and safe when handling these powerful devices. Key Lessons Include: Electronic Self Defense Weapons: Get introduced to the landscape of electronic self-defense tools, understanding their technology, utility, and effectiveness. Taser Basics: Build a strong foundation by learning the fundamental principles, operation mechanics, and safety protocols surrounding Tasers. Taser Pulse: Discover this civilian-friendly Taser, its applications, benefits, and best practices for use. Taser Bolt II: Dive deeper into another civilian-centric model, [...]

Fundamentals of De-Escalation

Step into the realm of conflict resolution with our comprehensive De-escalation Techniques Course. This training is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to diffuse tense situations, promote understanding, and pave the way for peaceful outcomes. Key Lessons Include: De-escalation Concepts: Delve into the foundational theories and principles behind effective de-escalation, understanding its importance in preventing potential conflicts. Communication Models: Explore various models of communication that promote understanding, empathy, and clarity, aiding in the smooth resolution of disputes. Listening Principles and Communication Techniques: Enhance your listening abilities and master techniques that foster genuine connection and understanding, crucial for [...]

Responding to an Active Killer Event Trial

We have created this two-week trial for the Responding to an Active Killer Event course so that you can test-drive our program for your organization. You get full access to the Responding to an Active Killer Event course. I’m excited to have you here, and I would like to make myself available if you have any questions or problems while completing your e-learning modules, feel free to contact us anytime.

Responding to an Active Killer Event

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