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Active Shooter Training for Schools

Active Shooter Response Training For Schools

Active Shooter Training for Businesses

Active Shooter Response Training For Businesses

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Active Shooter Response Training For Places Of Worship

Though we’ve heard much more about active killer events in the last few years, this type of violence has been around much longer. The Bath school bombing in 1927 killed 38 elementary school children, 6 adults, and injured at least 58 other people. The first reported active shooter event in the US was Labor day 1949. This incident resulted in 13 deaths. They were much rarer before the Columbine school shooting in 1999, but since then, the frequency of active killer events has increased.

When individuals or members of an organization have a proactive plan, it can help prevent an attack or increase the survival rate if one happens. The United States Department of Homeland Security states that individuals should be prepared both physically and mentally to deal with an active shooter situation because they are often over before law enforcement arrives.

We offer active shooter response courses that are tailored to each type of organization. Whether you are looking for active shooter response training for churches or other houses of worship, schools, businesses, or families, we have lessons for you.

We developed our hybrid learning program to help both with the retention of the information and to make it easier to get the training. With 24-7 access, your staff or volunteers can learn at their pace. After completing the online learning program, we have instructor-led training and consulting available.

Team Access:
When purchasing our online course for your organization, you are assigned the role of a team manager. You also may assign this role to others underneath you. As a team manager, you will be able to add, remove, or import users to your team. You can track their progress, view their earned certificates, or even require them to retake individual lessons.

100% Guarantee:
Our goal is to provide you with quality active shooter response training, streamlined in a system that makes it easier for organizations to get the information out. If the purchaser is dissatisfied with the material after getting access, then request a refund within 30 days along with a letter stating why you were not satisfied, and we will refund your money back. See terms and conditions.


We offer a variety of in-person training options to best meet the needs of our client. Please contact us for a consultation with an instructor to discuss your needs.

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