Lessons Learned from the 2019 Colorado STEM Highlands School Shooting

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Join us this month for a free special webinar where we discuss the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting in 2019. Two students of the school opened fire, resulting in the death of one student, Kendrick Castillo, and injuring several others. Castillo bravely lunged at one of the shooters, sacrificing his life to protect his classmates. We will take a close look, drawing out important takeaways and recognizing the unsung heroes of that fateful day.

In this webinar, we will cover: 

  1. 📊 Analyze the circumstances leading up to the event, identifying potential warning signs.
  2. 💡 Discuss safety measures, protocols, and strategies that could deter or manage such events in the future.
  3. 🤝 Highlight the importance of training and prevention.

We will explore valuable insights and applicable lessons that can benefit a wide range of facilities.

Open to:
Educators, administrators, dedicated security personnel, resource officers, and individuals representing places of worship, educational institutions, medical facilities, or any other organizations seeking to enhance their preparedness against active threats.