In a world where safety and security are more crucial than ever, it’s vital that we learn from past events to strengthen our preparedness for the future. Recognizing this need, Defender School has conducted an in-depth webinar, focusing on the 2019 STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting. This tragic event, which sadly resulted in the loss of a brave student, Kendrick Castillo, and the injury of several others, offers significant lessons in safety and response strategies.

Webinar Highlights:

📊 In-Depth Analysis: Our webinar meticulously examines the events leading up to the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting. By identifying potential warning signs and understanding the dynamics of the situation, we aim to provide insights that can prevent future tragedies.

💡 Proactive Safety Measures: We delve into safety protocols, strategies, and measures that can be implemented to deter or effectively manage such incidents. Our discussion extends beyond theoretical approaches, offering practical solutions for real-world applications.

🤝 Training and Prevention Emphasis: The importance of specialized training and prevention strategies is a cornerstone of our discussion. We explore how targeted education and preparedness can make a significant difference in active threat scenarios.

Why This Webinar Matters:

The lessons from the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting are not just historical recounts; they are vital learning opportunities that can shape our response to future threats. Understanding these events is essential for educators, administrators, security personnel, and all individuals dedicated to creating safer environments in educational institutions, places of worship, medical facilities, and more.

Partnering with Defender School:

Defender School stands at the forefront of active assailant response training. Our tailored programs are designed to empower organizations and individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to act decisively and effectively in the face of threats. By partnering with us, you join a community committed to safety, preparedness, and resilience.

Watch Now:


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